File Folder Games

Schedule I, II, III refers to the scope and sequence of the Alphabetic Phonics, Dyslexia Training Program curriculum, and many multisensory structured language courses.



introduces the first ten letters, open and closed syllable types, voiced and unvoiced sounds, the suffix concept and the derivative concept.  The file folder games for this schedule provide practice for each of these concepts.



Inching Along the Alphabet: An activity to sequence the alphabet.                                                                                     

Schedule I



Base Word/Base Word Suffix-Sorter: An individual activity to sort a base word from a derivative.                                             

Schedule I after s


Open/Closed Syllables - Sorter: An individual activity to reinforce the concepts of open and closed syllables.               

Schedule I after i


Short I Short a - Sorter: Sorter for reading practice using short i and short a to form words.                               

Schedule I after a


Two Sounds of s-Sorter: Sorter for reading and discriminating between the voiced and unvoiced sounds of s.

Schedule I after voiced s



Racing Through Schedule I: A game board for reviewing reading concepts and spelling rules taught in Schedule I.

The floss rule, plurals and open/closed syllables are reviewed.                                         

End of Schedule I



introduces the rest of the alphabet letters.  These games are designed for the middle portion of the curriculum and address dictionary skills, the digraph concept, vowel consonant e syllable type, spelling rules and situations, and diacritical code marks for reading.



Alphabet Road: Small group activity for phonological awareness.                                                                 

Schedule II after u


Quartiles Sorter (Feed the Elephants): Small group activity to practice sorting words into quartiles                                             

Schedule IIA after e



Code Finder: Review of diacritical code marks                                                                                               

Schedule IIA after u


Buzzing With Short Vowels - Sorter: Sorter game for reinforcing the short vowel sounds.                                                           

Schedule IIA after u


Elephant Feet: Follow the elephant's feet and practice reading with the short e and digraph ee.      

Schedule IIB after ee


Magical "e" vc/v-e: Change a short vowel sound to a long vowel sound by adding silent e to the end of a word.

Schedule IIB after e-e


(ed), (d), (t) Sorter: Individual activity to reinforce the three sounds of suffix -ed.                                           

Schedule IIB after -ed


Possession/Contraction: Individual sorter activity to reinforce the concepts of possession and contraction.     

Schedule IIB after f.s.s.


Fudgesicle (Contraction Matching): Put a stick on each fudgesicle to match two words to each contraction.                       

Schedule IIB after f.s.s.



Diamond Mine (Spelling with -ed): Board game to reinforce the rules for spelling with the suffix -ed.                                   

Schedule IIB after -ed (t)


k, c//ck, k: Sorter game to reinforce spelling with the sound of (k).                                                     

Schedule IIB after ck, k


Shuffle the Vowel - Short: Sorter game in which the student matches picture names with the correct vowel sounds.

Schedule IIA after e


Shuffle the Vowel - Long: Sorter game for long vowels with - v-e pattern.                                                                    

Schedule IIA after e-e


Baseball Spelling - k,c//ck,k,ke,c: Board game to reinforce spelling generalizations for the sound of (k).                           

Schedule IIC after y


Speedway Spelling - ee, e-e, //ee: Board game to reinforce spelling generalizations for the long sound of e.                    

Schedule IIB after e-e


Advanced k, c//ck, k, ke, c: Sorter game to practice the situations for spelling with sound of (k).                              

Schedule IIC after igh


Pick a Pet: Board game for the sounds of i and e.                                                                                     

Schedule IIA after e


Double or Drop: Board game to reinforce spelling rules for doubling final consonants and dropping final silent e. 

After Schedule IIC



introduces the advanced portion of the curriculum which includes new letter clusters, the diphthong concept, hard and soft g, hard and soft c, advanced spelling rules and situations, the prefix concept, and wild old words.



Wild old Words: Reading practice with words that have a long i or a before two consonants.               

Schedule IIIA after open, unaccented vowels


Half Long Vowels: Reading practice with vowels in an open unaccented syllable.                                         

Schedule IIIA after i in the unaccented syllable


Ginger & Gary: Board game for reading hard and soft g.                                                                                

Schedule IIIB after soft g


Out of This World, Soft/Hard g Sorter: Hard and soft g sorter using space creatures.                                                                       

Schedule IIIB after soft g


Circus Sorter - Under the Big Top: Reading practice for hard and soft c using a circus theme.                                                

Schedule IIIA after soft c


Two Sounds of oo Sorter: Sorter for reading the two sounds of oo.                                                                                 

Schedule IIA after ch


Prefix I Coin Toss: Shuffleboard game for prefixes. Student lands on a prefix and must use the prefix in a word or give the meaning. 

Schedule IIIA after prefix over-


Prefix II Coin Toss: Shuffleboard game with prefixes.                                                                                             

Schedule IIIB after prefix semi-


tion/sion: Reading practice with tion/sion.                                                                                               

Schedule IIIB after tion/sion



j, g//dge,ge Sorter: Spelling sorter to practice the (j) generalization.                                                                  

Schedule IIIB after ge


Pooch & Catch (ch, tch sorter): Spelling sorter to practice the (ch) generalization.                                                              

Schedule IIIA after tch


s, c//ss,se,ce - Sorter: Spelling sorter to practice with the (s) generalization.                                                        

Schedule IIIB after se


Shuffle the Diphthongs: Sorter game in which the student matches picture name with correct diphthong sound.  

Schedule IIIA after ild, old


Making Plurals (-s, -es, -ies): Sorter game for making plurals by adding -s, -es or changing y to i and then adding es.        

Schedule IIIC after y-e


Super Sorter for Spelling: The most common spelling rules are practiced in this game. Play can proceed in two ways: "What is the rule?" or "What rule was used?"

Schedule IIIC after y-e


Street Skater (Regular or Irregular Words): Regular or irregular words are identified as memory words or as words with rules. Student also identifies the rule for the word.

Schedule IIIC after ew


Goats Gruff: Soft and hard g sorter.

Schedule IIIB after soft g



Short Vowel Tachistoscopes: Individual hand-held key words for short vowels. Each scope has 2 two-sided word strips for reading practice. Truly a multi-sensory approach to the introduction of the vowels.

Begin at the end of Schedule I


Short Vowel Game Board: 11 x 14 inch game boards. One game board for each vowel sound. Excellent reading practice. Some syllabication.

Begin after c


Review Game: Small group activity to review reading and spelling concepts. Orange game cards for Schedule I. Blue game cards for Schedule II. Green game cards for Schedule III.

Begin at the end of Schedule I